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Susan Allen Nan 

   1. Civic Initiatives (Susan Allen Nan has engaged in second track conflict resolution work on the Georgia–Abkhazia conflict through George Mason University and the University of California at Irvine.)


Greg Hansen
 1.  Displacement and return (Greg Hansen has worked as a UN Volunteer in Georgia and as a civilian observer in the former Yugoslavia. He has conducted peace research in Lebanon and Mozambique and in 1982 served with a Canadian contingent of UN peacekeeping forces in Cyprus. In recent years Hansen was a trainer and field liaison for the Local Capacities for Peace Project and a consultant on Caucasus issues to the Humanitarianism and War Project.)


Dmitrii Danilov

 1.  Russia’s role. (Dmitrii Danilov is the Head of the Department for European Security Studies at the Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. Previously he worked as a senior researcher in the analytic unit of the General Staff. He has published extensively on East–West relations).


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